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This game is played exclusively via twitch chat (flows better with a group of people than playing solo). Follow the link to participate. #PROCJAM was the perfect opportunity for putting together a small experiment to test out some functionality for games like this, especially since I have another bigger project in the works. Let me know what you think! @davidblosser

The room layout for each level, although small, is procedurally generated.

!start (to join the game)
!move:1 (move to room, in this case, room 1)
!move:p2 (move to platform, in this case, platform p2)
!get (get an item from the room you're currently in)
Kappa (use twitch emotes to see them above your character in game)

The objective is to search for items to feed the Jelly Monster until he bursts. Grab items and move to one of the platforms to feed him. It requires teamwork to make sure that the feeding is balanced. If he gets too close to one side, he'll throw up and freeze you in place, then he won't eat anything else until you supply him with the item he wants from a specifiic side. Scores are added up at the end to determine who was the Jelly Monster's best friend!

Warning: There is about a 12-15 second delay from when you input your commands to when you'll see your action happening on stream. Anticipate what your character is doing for the best results!

Made by:
David Blosser
Pamela Vargas

Update (11/18/2016):

  • Fixed the bug where a player's score would go negative.
  • Made it so that the camera will swap between active players only (players become inactive after not inputting commands for 1 min).
Update (11/16/2016):
  • Fixed the flaw where a solo player would be stuck in the sludge until someone else came along to save them. Now, if no one else is playing or active, they'll lose their score and be released after 10 seconds.
  • Fixed the scoring bug that made players scores increase indefinitely.
  • Fixed the issue where players would turn white after being freed from the sludge. And now they start with random colors if they don't have a profile image :)


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I've played pokemon on twitch but that was a nightmare. I like this experience way better because I can see my avatar affecting the state of things.

Also can someone please save me I'm stuck on platform 2. I fed glue to the Jello monster and he got meh

Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely one of my goals when making twitch games to try and give a more personal experience within the crowd. I think you helped expose another glitch because your score is continuing to go up while you're stuck on that platform. So you'll have the high score for sure, haha. Today I'm going to fix that flaw where a solo player can get stuck forever when no one else is playing the game. Some other people were playing this morning and beat that level so you're free to join up again whenever you want :)

Cool, Thanks =D

Sorry, I saw that you jumped in again but there was a crash so nothing would have worked for you. I put in some null checks for the issue and rebuilt so hopefully it'll go a bit smoother the next time you join :)